Awnings Accessories Montreal

We offer a wide selection of acrylic fabric colors as well as motorized options for retractable awnings. These include motors with manual overide, sun and/or wind sensors.

For manually operated retractable awnings, we carry a Spring Assist for easy rollup of awnings as well as Awning Braces to support open awnings in windy locations.

A plethora of stylish fabrics, is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Practical and beautiful awning covers that shield you from the harmful effects of UV radiation during the dog days of summer and the rain of spring and fall. All our fabrics are 100% solution-dyed acrylic, which is a favourable choice in the awning industry. These fabrics have the cool, airy look of cotton canvases, but are stronger and more durable. They endure tear and rot, resist mildew, exhaust fumes and polluted air. They also effectively shield you from the sun’s unwanted ultraviolet radiation..


This optional hood is suggested for installations where there is no overhang to protect the awning (a hood cannot be used in conjunction with ceiling or rafter brackets). By protecting the roll of fabric from the elements, a protective hood helps in keeping your awning looking new for longer. A specially designed weather strip at the back closes the gap between the hood and the wall, eliminating the need for caulking.

Spring Assist

Retractable awnings have powerful springs in the folding arms to keep the fabric taut at all times. As a consequence, the first turn or two when retracting a fully extended awning requires a certain amount of physical force when using a crank. For larger awnings this could be a problem, therefore a spring-assist mechanism is suggested to aid you in retracting your awning. The spring assist option can be added to any size awning upon request.


The ideal mounting surface for a retractable awning is a flat brick wall. The number of brackets that come with the awning is determined by the width and projection of the awning. If you install an awning on a weak surface you will need to reinforce the surface and distribute the weight evenly. Additional brackets might be required and are available upon request.

In other cases, where an awning cannot be installed on a wall, it can be installed either on the roof or under the overhang. When installing on the roof, use the stainless steel adjustable angle roof brackets. When installing under the overhang, use the appropriate rafter bracket (in conjunction with a ceiling bracket) to connect the awning to the roof truss.

Remote Controlled Motors

How would you like to be able to extend or retract your awning with a touch of a button? A motor can be pre-installed at the factory and operated with a 3 way switch or transmitter. The body of the motor is placed inside the roller tube, therefore no additional space is required. With the RTS family of motors, the transmitter can be activated from a distance of 90 feet.

3D Wirefree

3D Wirefree Wind Sensor will automatically retract an awning when it detects wind movements. It is installed on the front bar of the awning and uses 2 ‘AAA’ batteries.

Manual Overide (CMO)

Power outages happen. Not being able to use your motorized awning because your power is out is inconvenient. Having a manual override allows you to extend and retract your motorized awning with the use of a conventional crank.

Outdoor Plug-in System

This system allows you to have a conventional motor without the help of an electrician to hard wire it. The outdoor plug in system is equipped with a switch and conventional plug, therefore no hardwiring is required.